Thank you to our Dedicated Employees!!

As the year is ending we want to take this time to say thank you to all our employees for their hard work and dedication. This year we have quite a few employees that are celebrating special anniversaries with AgQuest, being with us from as few as 5 years to being one of the first employees and celebrating 20 years with AgQuest. We asked the employees a few questions and it is apparent that they enjoy the culture and the people they work with.  Click Here to see what they had to say about their time with AgQuest.

2016 Anniversaries

20 Years:
Dave Eggimann

15 Years:
Sadie Reiners
Randy Ludewig
Jason Kevelin

10 Years:
Rhonda Meyer

5 Years:
Andrew Larsen
Rob O’Malley
Cheryl Manderfeld
Matt Petersen
Lynette Schiller