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Operating loans are offered to support the direct production expenses of an agricultural producer. Operating loans carry a short maturity and are typically secured with current assets such as crop and livestock inventories and related receivables. The amount of the operating loan is typically driven by the estimated value of the current assets being financed. Revolving feature is available.

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Complete Loans

Companion® Complete Loans are designed to create a dynamic link between agricultural producers and their locally-owned and managed grain and farm supply retailers.

Complete is a traditional full-operating line of credit that rewards the patron/producer with competitive product costs and operating interest rates based on the customer’s volume of input purchases and the amount of crop marketed through the participating retailer. Revolving and second year loan options are available.

Direct Loans

Companion® Direct Loans give you a line of credit to be used for purchases only and offers three financing options for greater flexibility and convenience. Direct loans also have the advantage of less up-front paperwork and quick turnaround time on credit.

Direct 1: Secured line of credit

Direct 2: Best available position with up to $250K of unsecured credit

Direct 3: Unsecured line of credit up to $250K

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