Input & Operating Loans

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Our Companion® Direct input loans are convenient lines of credit to be used specifically for Retailer purchases.  We offer two borrowing options – Secured and Unsecured.  On unsecured lines of credit, qualifying applicants can borrow up $500K with an application only, while secured lines of credit may require more paperwork, but allow qualifying applicants the flexibility to borrow up to $1M with an application only and greater amounts with additional paperwork.

Funds can be easily advanced online or by phone and are sent directly to the Retailer for your convenience.

The application process is Simple, and the approval time is Quick. The Reward? Knowing you’re working with a company who shares your same passion for farming and is committed to your success!

Our Companion® Complete Loans are traditional full-operating lines of credit.  Revolving and second year loan options are available. Potential for application only for loan requests less than or equal to $1M

Get peace of mind working with a team that understands your business.

Operating loans are offered to support the direct production expenses of an agricultural producer. Operating loans carry a short maturity and are typically secured with current assets such as crop and livestock inventories and related receivables. The amount of the operating loan is typically driven by the estimated value of the current assets being financed. Revolving feature is available.


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