About Us

Our Story
AgQuest is a uniquely different finance company with a rich history and an exciting plot. Founded in 1992, with roots back to 1904, we’re owned by local farm supply retailers across the U.S., and organized for the purpose of providing the highest quality and most comprehensive financial products and services to those retailers and their local patrons.
The chapters in our lives
The trusted advisors at AgQuest and your farm supply retailer understand that each of us has our own story. You may need total operation financing, or perhaps leasing equipment is what you are after. Through the AgQuest program, your farm supply retailer becomes a one-stop source for everything a producer needs, from inputs and agronomy services to financing and insurance.   Through our knowledgeable, ag professionals, backed by over a century of experience, you have access to our unique financial products that provide flexibility, convenience and competitive rates.