Companion Complete Operating Lines Offer Peace of Mind in Managing Your Cash Flow

As a farmer, it’s important that you have continuous access to working capital to support your production expenses and guarantee a balanced cash flow.

About AgQuest’s Companion Complete

To ensure funds are available when you need them, AgQuest offers Companion® Complete, a traditional full-operating line of credit that supports your farming operation and gives you the flexibility to manage your normal day-to-day and operational expenses, as well as have a safety net for the unexpected.

Companion Complete lines of credit carry a short maturity and are normally secured with current assets, such as crop and livestock inventories and related receivables. The amount of the loan is typically driven by the estimated value of the crops being financed.

Borrowers seeking a Companion Complete line of credit for $1 million or less, can apply with an application only, while those seeking over $1 million would require traditional underwriting for approval. Revolving and second year loan options are also available.

AgQuest Believes in Convenience

In addition, AgQuest offers the convenience of 24/7 access to your AgQuest loans with our AQ Connect customer portal, where you can easily:

  • Request an advance on your loan
  • Make loan payments
  • View loan balances and transaction history
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Renew your crop input loan
  • View and print statements & interest paid reports

Get Started with AgQuest Today!

As your operation continues planning for the 2024 year and beyond, AgQuest is ready to be your partner. Contact your AgQuest Relationship Manager for more information on getting started or give our Customer Support Team a call at 877-626-7453 to learn more. We look forward to providing you and your operation with some peace of mind.

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