Giving you an umbrella when it rains.

Many have heard the expression “a bank lends you an umbrella when it’s sunny, then wants it back when it rains.” As the economy wavers, this statement holds true as banks reallocate resources and loans primarily to top customers. AgQuest and Northland Capital standout from the bank’s way of thinking and provide our customers umbrellas when they are needed.

Banks Continue to Become More Selective

The Federal Reserve Senior Loan Officer Survey on Bank Lending Practices reports financial institutions are lending less money on stricter terms. The primary reason for credit tightening is economic slowdown. The strong economy of the past years led to a loosening of credit standards and a mismatch between risk and reward. Now banks have become more selective in their lending practices.

umbrella savings

We Give You the Umbrella and Let You Use It

The good news is that there are non-bank lenders in the marketplace, like AgQuest Financial and Northland Capital. As alternative lending sources, AgQuest and Northland Capital have wide scale knowledge of the ag industry, as well as flexible and diverse financing and leasing opportunities. From crop input and full operating loans to real estate, facility, and machinery and equipment loans and leases, AgQuest and Northland Capital are well-equipped to meet your financing needs, especially during challenging times when your operation may require adaptable and customized financial solutions.

Why Go to a Non-Bank Lender?

Going beyond the bank, AgQuest and Northland Capital provide financial structures to thrive in good times and lend you an umbrella when it rains.

What sets us apart:

  • Our application process and turnaround time is simple, quick and rewarding
  • We offer lease and finance products that traditional lenders can’t provide
  • We find the good in your business and build financing structures around it
  • We offer gap financing to give you access to additional capital
  • We take a modern flexible approach to traditional financing
  • We have greater autonomy over financing decisions

Contact AgQuest Financial and Northland Capital today to get started!

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