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AgQuest Insurance / Minnesota River Insurance offers farm & business auto, property and liability and workers compensation insurance throughout Southern Minnesota.

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Business Auto Insurance

As a farmer or business owner, you need the same kinds of insurance coverage for your farm truck or business vehicle as you would for a personal vehicle: liability, collision and comprehensive, medical payments (known as personal injury protection in Minnesota) and coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists. While the major coverages are the same, a farm/business auto insurance policy differs from a personal auto insurance policy in many technical respects.

Our experienced agents will explain these differences and discuss options that work for you.

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Property Insurance

As a farm or business owner, you have all types of property (buildings, contents, machinery, mobile equipment, etc.) and insurance is designed to repair or replace those damaged items. Property claims are settled on an Actual Cash Value basis or a Replacement basis, depending upon the coverage you purchase.

There are major differences in the types of property policies offered. Our expert agents will explain the coverages so you can make the best decision for your farm or business.

Liability Insurance

Every farmer or business owner should have liability insurance to be protected against the damage of liability claims. Liability insurance can prevent a legal suit from turning into a financial disaster by providing financial protection in case your farm or business is sued or held legally responsible for some injury or damage. Liability insurance pays losses arising from real or alleged bodily injury, property damage or personal injury on your farm or business premises or arising from your operations or products.

AgQuest/Minnesota River Insurance will review your exposures and offer coverages that meet the specific needs of your farm or business.

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Minnesota businesses are legally required to buy workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance covers workers injured on the job, whether they’re hurt on the workplace premises or elsewhere, or in auto accidents while on business. It also covers work-related illnesses. Workers’ compensation provides payments to injured workers, without regard to who was at fault in the accident, for time lost from work and for medical and rehabilitation services. It also provides death benefits to surviving spouses and dependents.

Our experienced agents will walk you through the entire process, making sure your farm, business and employees are adequately covered and that you comply with Minnesota Statutes.

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