Machinery / Equipment Loans and Leasing

Machinery and Equipment Loans are intermediate term loans collateralized by all the borrower’s machinery and equipment inventory.

A priority position on machinery and equipment is required.

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Why should you consider AgQuest for your next equipment loan?

Portable, flexible and cost competitive financing. AgQuest gives you the flexibility to negotiate across brands and dealerships to obtain your best cash price and then compare financing options.

Take advantage of manufacturer cash discounts or refinance interest waiver contracts at the end of the waiver periods for significant savings. In many situations, significant interest rate savings are possible by switching to AgQuest.

Work with a local lender who cares about your long-term prosperity and can advise you on your overall financial picture. One who is empowered to make a decision and one who can structure the payment terms around your unique needs.

Get a great financing deal on used equipment, not just new. AgQuest doesn't discriminate between used vs. new-you get the same great deal. This includes buying equipment at auctions or through private party sales.

Diversifying your sources of financing gives you more control and financial options down the road should you need them.

Intermediate Term Loans are collateralized by the borrower's machinery and equipment inventory, or a specific piece of equipment based on loan type. A priority position on machinery and equipment is required.

Leasing is one of the fastest growing ways of acquiring equipment in business today.

Leasing can put the equipment to work for you with real cash flow advantages without using major capital investment. For many farms, equipment purchases are one of the largest production expenses and lease financing can be a positive alternative. Lease financing includes a
balanced approach to tax management options and deductions relative to a loan.

Just as you have carefully compared and selected your equipment and machinery options, AgQuest has carefully selected Northland Capital as a lease financing partner for over 20 years!

Northland Capital


Why Lease?

PRESERVE CASH: Stronger cash flow, keep cash on-hand for growth initiatives.

MINIMAL CAPITAL INVESTMENT: No large cash outlay to get equipment.

FIXED PAYMENTS: No matter what happens in the market, payments will remain the same.

ORDER DEPOSIT FUNDING: Seamless process from start to finish including the deposit.

INVESTMENT AUTOMATION: Acquire the latest equipment t remain competitive and grow business.

FLEXIBLE TERMS: Structure payment plans to improve cash flow forecasting.

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