Guidelines For Crop Insurance As We Near Harvest

With harvest upon us, we have some important reminders about crop insurance procedures. As you read through the list below, be mindful that there are some guidelines to follow specific to the 2020 crop year.

• Prior to chopping part or all of a unit for silage (putting the crop to another use), contact your AgQuest Insurance Agent to promptly start the appraisal process. The adjusters will contact you to complete an appraisal.
• If you have old crop (2019 or earlier), still in the bins, and your intentions are to add new production to that same bin, please notify your crop insurance agent. The insurance company or FSA will need to come out and measure the existing grain in the bin BEFORE any new crop production is added.
• If you happen to have any drowned-out areas that you elected to plant a second crop, please remember to keep the harvested production separate from any originally planted acreage. This must be done regardless of whether the second crop acreage was insured or not. This procedure also applies to ground that has
just come out of CRP.
• Report any potential loss to your AgQuest Crop Insurance Agent within 72 hours of discovery of damage. Get the claim
turned in early and do not wait. The process of withdrawing a claim is an easy step.
• Enterprise or Optional units: It is important to keep production separate by units for adjusters to accurately work your claims. This is also important in the event you would go back to an section by section coverage and/or an audit. Report total production and not just your share of the production.

Fed Grain Must Be Documented – Any grain to be fed to livestock must be appraised PRIOR to use or feed records must be kept.

Important Dates to Remember:
• Sales closing is September 30 for Forage Production coverage.

2020 MPCI premium due dates
The USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) announced Insurance companies are authorized to provide additional time for policyholders to make payment of premium and administrative fees. MPCI payments need to be to the Approved Insurance Providers (AIPs) ON or BEFORE November 30, 2020, to avoid additional interest. Payments not received by November 30th will have interest of 1.25% added from November and each month thereafter that has a balance due. Please check with your Agent in regard to hail and named peril premiums.

Updating PLC yields
As a part of the 2018 Farm Bill, you have until September 30, 2020 to update your yields that the Farm Service Agency (FSA) has on record for your farm or farms. Ask your FSA office for Form 156EZ. That will list all the crop base acres on each FSA farm number and it will show the old PLC yield for each base acre. Contact us if you need your crop insurance information to help in updating the yields, and if it is to your advantage or not.

WHIP+ program provides disaster payments
For customers suffering crop losses in either 2018 or 2019 due to floods, excessive moisture, or tornadoes? Contact your FSA office to see if this program applies to your operation. As we near the end of our crop year, if you have questions about how to proceed with a crop insurance claim or need clarification on any crop insurance program, we encourage you to call an AgQuest Insurance Agent. We are here to help and are grateful for your trust in AgQuest.

Have a safe harvest season!

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