Contract Grain Hauling. . . .

As we navigate together through the diversification of today’s farming operation, AgQuest/Minnesota River Insurance wants to be proactive in making sure you’re covered. Are you thinking about generating some additional income by hauling grain with your semi and/or grain hopper over the long winter? Well, before you commit your time and your assets, here are some things to keep in mind:
1. You may need to get a DOT number if you don’t have one already. Check with the MnDOT website at or contact them directly at 800-657-3774, for rules and regulations for hauling grain.
2. It is important that you check with your insurance agent to verify you have the correct coverage. Standard auto insurance DOES NOT cover you when you are hauling someone else’s grain.
3. You may need workers’ compensation insurance if someone other than you is operating your truck/trailer when hauling grain for others.
4. Hauling grain for others requires that you have cargo insurance. Once the grain is loaded in your truck/trailer, you become responsible for it.

Things you should always do:
1. Wear your seat belt. Your family and friends need you!
2. Do a safety “walk around” your vehicle each morning, checking your tires, lights, hoses.
3. Buy yourself a blue tooth or similar communication device so you can communicate “hands free”. YOU ARE WORTH THE EXPENDITURE.
4. Don’t take chances with the weather or road conditions (grain hauling is usually not “time sensitive”) be patient, conditions will improve.

Your AgQuest/Minnesota River Insurance agent can help you sort through your current insurance coverage and will take the time to thoroughly understand all aspects of your business, even those outside of your own farming operation, to ensure you are properly protected. If you are interested in finding out more about “trucking insurance”, call our AgQuest/Minnesota River Insurance agency in Mankato at 507-345-8602 or Le Sueur at 507-593-0128. They have the experience needed for this type of insurance.


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