AgQuest® Financial Services Can Help Put You in Control

As a borrower, it’s important to maintain control in the decision making process of your farming operation. You should be the one calling the shots, not your lender. The first step in maintaining control is making sure you know your cost of production. Knowing your cost of production allows you to make better management decisions in regards to crop rotation, marketing, expansion opportunities, and capital purchases.

Having a good grain marketing strategy plays an important role, as well. The marketing advisors at your local coop can help. It’s their job to know what drives the markets and how to recognize opportunity. Although the markets don’t always give you a break even, our marketing advisors can give you the facts and information you need to help maximize your profits through efficient grain handling, marketing opportunities and storage. Also keep in mind that having grain contracted or priced at fall, allows AgQuest to borrow you more money.

You should also focus on building working capital. Lenders, including AgQuest, are conservative by nature, and we’re not always going to let you do the things you feel are necessary to be successful. If you have an adequate amount of working capital, you can be in control and make your own decisions when opportunities arise. When your working capital is depleted, that enables the banker to dictate what you can and can’t do based on your balance sheet and unfortunately, we’re not always good at making the best decisions for your operation.

Leasing can help you build your working capital by converting a big cash payment into a flexible payment structure matched to earnings. It improves your cash flow because it offers 100 percent financing and payments that are fully expensed. With our partner, Northland Capital, we can offer you options beyond traditional financing and help you preserve your working capital.

Every successful farmer has done things their banker told them not to. Even though lenders all aspire to be farmers, we’re not. You’re the one with the knowledge and experience to do what’s best for your operation and you should be the one in control.

Still in need of financing?
Even though your 2018 crop is in the ground, it’s not too late to check out the financing options available from AgQuest. Many of our partners offer financing programs through AgQuest with limited or no security required for eligible producers. AgQuest also offers Companion® Plus operating loans. This product allows qualified producers to always have loan commitments in place for up to two crop years. The loans also allow producers to receive an interest rate buy-down. The program allows producers a low-cost source of funding to take advantage of prepaid purchases and optimal grain marketing opportunities.

In addition to our production loans, AgQuest offers equipment, land, and facility loans, as well as leasing options through Northland Capital.

Your local BRM’s are here to help with whatever financing needs you may have. They look forward to meeting with you and showing you what AgQuest has to offer.