AFIS Certified Is More Than Just A Title

In a world where having an acronym behind your name has gotten more and more common, why should the classification of AFIS be important when searching out your insurance needs? As an Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS®), AgQuest/Minnesota River Insurance agents, Tim Lewis and Amber Weber, have specialized expertise in agribusiness and farm insurance and risk management. They understand the most important insurance needs of agribusinesses and farms and you
can be assured you are dealing with someone who is committed to the agribusiness industry.

AFIS is the only designation of its kind offered in the insurance industry that focuses on agribusiness. This designation is an intense and rigorous process of learning, and understanding policy impact in the agricultural industry, with the ultimate goal of passing the benefits of our knowledge on to the farmer. Of the 37,100 licensed insurance agents in Minnesota, only 22 hold this title, with Tim and Amber being two of them.

To obtain the AFIS certification, Tim and Amber had to complete five specialized courses on agribusiness and farm risks and insurance. They did this through IRMI (International Risk Management Institute, Inc.), the leader in risk management and insurance research and education for more than 30 years. To maintain this status, they are also required to complete annual training which allows them to stay up to date on changes within the farming industry. Tim received his AFIS certification in 2007 and Amber received hers in 2013.

As an advocate for farmers, Tim and Amber are farming professionals. Their knowledge, background and passion in this industry is not only a valuable asset to AgQuest, but most importantly, to our customers.

Contact Amber or Tim today to review your policy and make sure you have  coverage adequate for your farm operation!

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