Why We Do What We Do at AgQuest

Have you ever heard someone refer to their “elevator speech” or “elevator pitch”?  If you’re not familiar with what it is, it refers to the brief description you give someone who is unfamiliar with your company or what you do. As an ag financing company, you may assume AgQuest’s “elevator speech” would or should include risk marketing tools, such as crop input and operating financing, machinery and equipment loans and leases, term loans such as facility and real estate, and crop and P&C insurance. 

Although that assumption makes perfect sense, that’s not how we see ourselves.  Our purpose goes deeper, and when introducing AgQuest, the most important aspect of our elevator speech is not what we do, but why we do it.

Why We Do What We Do At AgQuest

We do what we do because we believe in local agriculture, we believe that farming is a family institution, and we believe that farmers should have the ability and the OPPORTUNITY to be successful, grow their business, invest in the future, and most of all, leave a legacy for future generations.

If you ask, “Who is AgQuest?” We will always lead with our purpose because that’s what motivates us to do what we do.  The fact that we provide ag financing products and services has no value unless you first understand the passion behind it.  Our passion isn't about selling or servicing ag financing and insurance products, it's about being part of a team that cares about each other and the people we serve. 

“At AgQuest, we strive to make a difference in every life we touch, by giving those we serve the opportunity to both live and leave a legacy for future generations.  We do this by offering a simple, quick, and rewarding experience.”

Check out the reasons why so many in AgQuest stay here and love what they do.

Customer Service. I enjoy helping people and interacting with people. I strive to provide excellent customer service and assist our clients with their requests in a timely manner. I like to meet new people and learn about how we can meet their business needs.

April Emanuel, P&C - Commercial Service Agent, 1 Year at AgQuest

I love people. Period. I enjoy getting to know new people and learning about who they are, what they do, and what their passion is. What drives them? My work at AgQuest/Minnesota River Insurance allows me to help them achieve their dreams while improving the community at the same time.

Shannon Sinning, P&C - Commercial, 6 Years at AgQuest

I am all about people succeeding and meeting their goals, in farming we know this can be something that takes a lot of hard work. My why is being able to be a part of our customers success and seeing them reach their goals. Whether it be the smaller farmer successfully having a year of growth or the family farm down the road making it another successful year, I am proud to be a part of that.

Nicki Sanderson, Sales, 5 Years at AgQuest

At AgQuest we offer a variety of ag financing products to meet the needs of our customers. This takes a team working together, from the relationship managers to customer service and everyone in between. My responsibilities include funding advances and posting payments to loans. That is “what” I do. The desire to provide accurate information and a dependable service that our customers can rely on is “why” I do it.

Amy Moe, Accounting, 11 Years at AgQuest

It’s our culture- it’s hard to describe but if you work here you get it. It’s a team environment, we all work together to best serve our customers day in and day out. Our co-workers are always willing to help; we do really care about each other! I believe that management wants me to succeed and has confidence in me which creates further engagement/motivation in my work.

Angie Gewerth, Credit, 10 Years at AgQuest

I am so blessed to work at AgQuest, located in the community that I live in and raised all 5 of my kids. They have always allowed me the flexibility to be present in my family’s activities, appointments and achievements. This company aligns with my values and I am proud to work here.

Lynette Schiller, Loan Documents, 12 Years at AgQuest

Learning. Learning from customers about what they do to find success or about the history of their business. Helping others find solutions or understand their businesses in new ways they benefit from.

David Beck, Lending/RM, 1 Year at AgQuest

Helping customers grow and thrive. It’s a privilege to be a team player or trusted advisor in the customers’ operations. This might include providing straightforward financing, help with business planning, another person to bounce ideas off of, or helping with creative solutions.

David Luepke, Sales, 9 Years at AgQuest

My why is to be a part of a company that keeps local, family-owned businesses operating or finding a way to best fit the community in a way that maintains rural living. Business evolves and companies change, but continuing to remember “our roots” is what is important to me.

Mandee Heiderscheidt, Loan Applications, 8 Months at AgQuest

My favorite part of working at AgQuest is the focus on “teamwork”. I enjoy the feeling of working together toward a common goal. I also enjoy learning, and we have great teachers at AgQuest. I can always feel comfortable asking questions, and people are always willing to share their knowledge.

Kristin Wersal, Credit, 8 Months at AgQuest

As a young adult I never really knew what I wanted to do and while I enjoyed cooking, I also knew I wasn’t happy, so after working with a career coach I figured out I have a strong drive to help people take care of themselves. So, while I examined how I could best do that through researching different fields, looking at the mentors in my life, talking to people in different fields and then I landed on the insurance industry especially after looking at what my dad has done in his career to help people. So, I dove in, and it has been the wildest, most challenging, most rewarding, best choice I have made for myself. I am constantly learning, and each day is very different from the last. There are 2 big parts to my why; first, the amazing team (FAMILY) I work with; having spent 10 years in the restaurant industry with heavy turnover and a lack of engagement there is a big advantage in career quality and productivity when the team interacts as a unit vs an individual doing a job. And secondly, I am doing exactly what drives me each and every day and that is helping people take care of themselves through educating and advising them to protect the things they work so very hard to have. Even on my most frustrating or challenging day I go home knowing how blessed and grateful I am to get do what I love to do.

Kayla Dornfeld, P & C Insurance, 9 Years at AgQuest

To help relieve some of the stress for our customers. If I can help them get an answer to their question whether it takes a couple of minutes or an hour or more, that is my goal. I’m here to help and make them feel comfortable asking whatever is on their mind.

Rhonda Meyer, Customer Service, 18 Years at AgQuest

“I was born and raised on a farm so I guess you could say that “it’s in my blood.” I truly admire the work ethic, the blood, sweat and tears that go into the farming career. I truly enjoy working within the ag financing sector. I have been a loan officer in my past life doing consumer/auto loans, but I feel that the challenge that farmers face each year being dependent on Mother Nature to cooperate with our needs and desires, crop prices being volatile at times, and just the everyday things that can happen tend to make ag financing more interesting and challenging. Things are constantly evolving here at AgQuest as well as in the ag industry. Most farmers just want to keep that farm in the family for generations to come (I know that is the goal of my husband and I), so our mission here at AgQuest is truly spot on!
The team we have here is phenomenal! It is like an extended family. We share in each other's triumphs as well as down times – whether it be work related or in our personal lives. We pick each other up, encourage and help each other, and are a shoulder to cry on when needed too!

Sherry Bloemke, Applications/Sales Support, 8 Years at AgQuest

I have always focused on treating borrowers like family and friendly neighbors, not just numbers fitting into a box. Providing peace of mind to a farming family for their operational needs is rewarding. The peace of mind that allows them to grow and maintain their legacy, all while passing traditions onto the next generation. Knowing that I am part of sustaining rural America warms my heart.

Suzanne Greenig, Credit, <1 Year at AgQuest

The Relevance & the Trustworthiness I provide to the Producers I work with. It is the confidence they have in me to provide them with the knowledge of financing that I can offer and provide to them.
There are new learning experiences every year in finance and farming. When they need to adapt to new techniques, AgQuest also needs to adapt along with myself as an RM. Otherwise, we are left behind. We offer multiple financing options that no other Finance Companies offer. When we as a Company stay ahead of our Peers – So do our Producers!
It’s a Win Win for all Parties! That becomes very Satisfying!

David Link, Farmward RM, 16 Years at AgQuest

Join Our Team at AgQuest

Although AgQuest is currently fully staffed, we are growing and welcome general applications to keep on file for future positions with our company. To apply and potentially join our great team, check out Join Our Team.

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