REMINDER of Planting Prior to April 11th on corn, April 21st on Soybeans

If a producer plants before the ‘earliest’ date they simply DO NOT have any REPLANT coverage on those acres planted before the 11th, regardless of the cause of loss (freeze, poor emergence from excess rain, etc.).  He will be required to replant but at his own expense.

It will not affect his MPCI coverageThey still have full Multi-peril coverage against all perils. How their Multi-peril coverage plays out will ultimately be determined by their final yield and the FALL price in October.



If the early plant date for corn is April 11th and they plant some of his acreage before April 11th and plant the last strip after April 11th, you need to split the acres into 2 acreage lines.

The acres planted before the 11th will have no replant and the acres after the 11th will have the replant payment.

In this case they cannot be put together on one line and use the latest plant date.  If the acres are reported as planted after the 11th, that is considered FRAUD.

Please contact your AgQuest agent to report a claim.


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