Harvest Land and AgQuest Announce New Structure in Communications and Marketing

Please join Harvest Land and AgQuest Financial Services in welcoming Jo Ann Gumto to our communications and marketing department.  Jo comes to us with a wealth of experience in the ag industry, as well as the cooperative system.  Serving 17 years as the Marketing Communications Director at WFS, now CFS, in Truman, Minnesota, she was responsible for both member and employee communications, media relations, website and social media content, and brand development and marketing.  Prior to that she worked in the marketing department at a subsidiary of Purina Feeds.

“Both Harvest Land and AgQuest have a long-standing reputation in the cooperative system and I am so excited to have the opportunity to join their team as they look to grow their business,” Jo Ann said.

Jo Ann’s husband Jim is a teacher and coach in the Jackson County Central School District, where they live.  They have two sons, Connor (20) and Chris (18).  She is an avid sports fan and enjoys weekends at the lake.

We would also like to announce a change in roles for Christie Rudenick.  Christie formerly served as the Director of Information Systems & Marketing Technology for AgQuest and has now been promoted to Director of Marketing for both Harvest Land and AgQuest.  In her role she will oversee the communications and marketing department for both companies.  Christie has been with AgQuest for 13 years, the last four in the marketing department.

“I have served in multiple positions within the company,” said Christie.  “These opportunities have really helped me grow in the understanding of all the co-ops we have worked with and the importance of AgQuest at each of them.”

Christie resides in Morgan with her husband Ryan, who is part owner of R&J Carpentry.  They have four children, Kayla (18), Ethan (14) Alison (8) and Leah (8) that keep them busy in their spare time.

In announcing the new structure, both AgQuest President Miki Schultz and CEO Dave Stuk commented on their decision to combine the marketing efforts of Harvest Land and AgQuest going forward.

“I am extremely proud of Christie,” said Miki.  “Having her in this new role speaks volumes of her ability and we trust that she will be a valuable team member in creating a seamless environment for the newly merged cooperative, while also helping to maintain the unique and individualized marketing needs of our AgQuest partners.”

“Christie is a true team player and leader in any responsibility she has taken on since she came to AgQuest,” added Dave.  “It was those qualities that made it easy for us to offer her this new role. As a team, Christie and Jo will do a great job in leading us through these exciting times for Harvest Land and AgQuest!”

Jo started her new role with Harvest Land and AgQuest on May 22nd and has been familiarizing herself with people and processes so that she can have a good understanding of both businesses.  We encourage you to take time to introduce yourself and welcome her aboard.

Christie’s role was effective immediately.  She has been diligently working through Harvest Land and AgQuest’s current marketing processes to see how we can have a more consistent structure in our marketing efforts.