Flexible, Simple and Personal Service is the Difference

As a new customer of your local farm retailer, or even as a loyal customer, you may not really understand what AgQuest® Financial Services has to offer. Sure, you know that AgQuest is a finance company owned by local farm supply retailers across the U.S., but why should you consider them as a financing option for
your inputs?

The difference
At AgQuest we pride ourselves on being uniquely different in respect to how and what we offer. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive financial products and services to patrons through their local retailer. Obviously, with roots back to the co-op, AgQuest and the business relationship managers understand agriculture and what goes into making good business decisions on your farm.

AgQuest is different in the sense that we are flexible, simple, and personal. We offer loan options that give you the flexibility to take advantage of fall pricing on fertilizer and other inputs, while also offering you time to make good marketing decision with your grain in order to maximize your profitability. Our 2019 Secured Companion®, Companion® Direct and Companion® DirectMAX loans aren’t due until January of 2020 at most of our participating retailers, giving you peace of mind that you don’t have to make a hasty decision when it comes to marketing.

The loan process at AgQuest is simple and personal. We have a simple loan application that’s easy to fill out and we take the time to sit down with you personally, on your farm, to explain everything in detail and collect the information needed along with the supporting documents; taking the burden off of you.

Financing that works for you
With discount pricing for the 2019 crop year coming out, it’s time to look at your financing options. AgQuest has three great operating loan options offered at most of our participating retailers: Secured Companion®, Companion® Direct and Companion® DirectMAX. Secured Companion® Loans are designed to create a dynamic link between agricultural producers and your local cooperative. Companion is a traditional full-operating line of credit that rewards the patron/producer with competitive product costs and operating interest rates based on the customer’s volume of input purchases and the amount of crop marketed through your local coop. Revolving and second year loan options are available.

The Direct loan is an unsecured line of credit up to $150,000 to be used for purchases at your local coop. It allows greater flexibility to purchase input financing in one convenient program, with minimal paperwork and a quick decision time. Best of all, it’s not due until January 2020. The DirectMAX loan goes a step further than Direct, but remains a product that is used for purchases from your local coop only. Your available line of credit is increased up to $300,000 and a
best available lien position is taken.

AgQuest understands that there are a lot of financing options out there and some may even offer a better rate. However, when it comes to operating lines, AgQuest offers you the flexibility and time to make the best business decisions for your operation; allowing you to be in control.

If you want more information about what AgQuest has to offer, please contact an AgQuest BRM.

Wishing you a safe and bountiful harvest.