Farmers helping farmers

Farmers helping farmers

The farming community has a long tradition of farmers helping farmers in need. Every harvest season, stories emerge of local farmers coming together to help neighboring farm families in times of hardship or tragedy.

These stories are always both uplifting and heart wrenching – and the Palmer family story is no exception. Together, Nationwide® and FarmHer share this tragic story and the positive community response that helped make a difficult situation a little better.

The Palmer family story

Following the death of Fairfax, MN farmer Mike Palmer in 2020, the local community converged on the Palmer farm with 12 combines, 12 grain carts, 28 semis to harvest 1,100 acres in 15 hours. Take a look as Marji Alaniz, FarmHer founder, talks with Jolene Palmer about this special day.

Just as farmers have a long tradition of helping and caring for their neighbors, Nationwide has nearly a century of protecting America’s rural community. As the #1 insurer of farms and ranches in the U.S.1, Nationwide cares deeply about protecting the livelihood of today’s farmers and keeping everyone safe.

Nationwide created the Farmers Helping Farmers video series to spotlight the safety and risk management best practices to help farmers mitigate risk and keep people safe when farmers work and use their equipment on another farmer’s property. One such best practice is for farmers to ask three questions before lending farm equipment to assist neighbors.

In the videos that follow, Marji Alaniz talks with Nationwide farm safety and risk management experts to get their advice on how to plan and execute a safe Farmers Helping Farmers event.

Farmers Helping Famers video series

Episode 1: Thinking about things you may not

Farmers Helping Farmers events create risks you may not have considered. In this episode, our farm safety and risk management experts talk about those risks, the steps that can be taken to make events safer and how your local Nationwide Farm Certified agent can help.
Run time (2:50)

Episode 2: Organizing and communicating effectively

As communities come together to help, there are many moving parts and details to coordinate. In this episode, we explore important tips for organizing the event and communicating effectively, so everyone returns home safely at the end of the day.
Run time (4:31)

Episode 3: Covering potential risks with the right insurance coverage

With so many people, activities and exposures going on, it’s important to make sure everyone is properly insured and has the necessary licenses. In this episode, we talk about coverage options, farmer exemptions and licensing requirements.
Run time (4:12)

Episode 4: Kicking off a safe farmers helping farmers event

Neighbors of all ages come to help, trucks and farm equipment are moving in the fields and on the roads. With so much activity, it’s critical that all participants think safety first. In this episode, we talk about kicking off the day and steps organizers can take to keep people and property safe.
Run time (4:52)

Episode 5: Setting ground rules and final considerations

No eating on the go, restricting kids from operating farm machinery and sweeping the area at the end of the day to make sure everyone is back are just a few of the tips discussed in this episode.
Run time (4:44)


Source: Nationwide Ag Insight Center

1Source: A.M Best Market Share Report 2020.

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