Farm Safety Tips for Harvest

As the calendar officially changes to the month of October, many of us are feeling ready for fall. However, farmers across the state have already been in harvest mode for a few weeks, longer if you consider the time it took to prepare. In an effort to keep everyone safe this harvest season, we would like to remind everyone to do their part with these safety tips.

Farm Safety Tips for Harvest


Get Sleep When You Can

We understand that it is “go” time. But your adrenaline will only last for so long before you start to crash from being sleep deprived. Caffeine might be the next route you try to go which will likely only work for a few hours, at best. Research shows that a short 10- 20-minute nap will help pick you up through the grogginess and pull you through the rest of the day.

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Bring Snacks or Have a Meal Delivered

If you’re unable to stop for a quick nap, bring snacks or have a meal delivered. When your energy level is low and your stomach is empty, it’s hard to function and think clearly throughout the day or night. Take a moment to eat something. When you are thinking clearly, you are most able to make safe decisions.

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Wear Secured Clothing - Loose clothing is Dangerous!

While harvesting, there are lots of augers, PTO shafts and moving parts involved. Farmers with sweatshirt strings, long hair and other loose clothing are susceptible to getting pulled in. Take the time to cut your sweatshirt strings, pull back your hair and do a quick outfit check to avoid loose clothing. Farmers have lost limbs and lives due to this simple mistake.

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Have Safety Gear

Whether you need to jump out of the semi on the road to tie the tarp down or simply drive the grain cart, make sure that you are equipped with proper safety gear. This means having neon clothing that's easily spotted, ear and eye protection.

Together We Can Make a Difference

As you are driving around the countryside this fall, keep your eyes open for farmers harvesting. By giving them space and patience, these grandfathers, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts and friends will get home to their families and friends at the end of each night. We at AgQuest wish everyone a safe and plentiful 2023 harvest!

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