Crop Insurance Sales Closing Date Reminder


Greetings from the AgQuest Crop Insurance Team!

As a reminder, the Crop Insurance Sales Closing Date is next week – Wednesday, March 15. This date includes policies for MPCI, add-on price products, and named peril products such as Replant, SCO, ECO, and PACE. The spring price for most crops was released on March 1. If we haven’t already, an AgQuest Crop Insurance Specialist will be contacting you to go over quotes for your individual policies and help you select the best plan and coverage levels for your operation. The deadline for turning in crop production is April 29, but the quotes for Sales Closing will be more accurate if we have your current production. We appreciate the trust and confidence you have in our agency and our team. Relationships, education, and communication are the platforms on which we strive to provide you with the best experience every time we connect. We look forward to working with you into the 2023 crop year and beyond. AgQuest Insurance is an equal opportunity provider.

Your local AgQuest Crop Insurance Specialist

Mike Kurtz
Crop Insurance Specialist
Call or Text: 419-552-6455
[email protected]

Crop Insurance Support Staff:
Call: 507-249-4015
Toll Free: 866-259-3666
[email protected]

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