Prevented Plant Meetings held this week

With this challenging spring weather, it’s important for you to analyze your options of planting late versus prevent plant. Like many others,   Farmward and AgQuest Insurance held meetings this week and talked about what to expect with late planting and early maturity seed hybrids, how Prevented Plant will affect your marketing plan and what you need to know about Prevented Plant crop insurance coverage. If you missed these meetings you are able to either watch the videos and / or view the presentation materials:


Welcome – Dennis Schreier and Matt Pietig
View the presentation material: 2019 Late Planting Considerations Meeting – Matt Pietig, Farmward Cooperative


Grain Marketing – Ben Peters
View the presentation material: Planting Disruption… Marketing Discussion – Ben Peters, Advance Trading Inc.


Crop Insurance – Randy Hinders
View the presentation material: 2019 Prevented Plant – Randy Hinders, NAU

Contact your AgQuest Insurance agent or your Grain Marketing Advicor today for more information or to schedule a visit to review your options.


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