Good Student Auto Discount

Did you know that being a good student can positively affect your Personal Auto insurance? Hard work in the classroom can pay off, literally!

Simple Steps to Receiving a Good Student Auto Discount

  1. Ask your AgQuest/Minnesota River Insurance agent
    Those who are under the age of 25 and are enrolled full-time in high school, college, university, or a vocational-technical institute can qualify.
  2. Maintain a Minimum GPA of 3.0 (B Average) or Better
  3. Submit Your Transcript
    This can be a report card, transcript, or company form (signed by a school administrator). If the student is homeschooled, the results from a standardized test, such as PSAT, SAT or ACT may be used.
young lady driving a car

Furthermore, the Good Student Discount may continue to be applied to the Personal Auto policy of qualified students even after they graduate, up until age 25!

Good grades aren’t the only way a student can positively affect your family’s Personal Auto policy premiums. If a student is attending college far away from home without taking a family car along with them, they may be eligible for an additional discount. To qualify, a student must be studying over 100 miles away from home without a vehicle

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