AgQuest Testimonials

"Great company to do business with. The service is great and the people we work with are beyond helpful. They give you the ability to get the crop inputs needed in a timely fashion. Looking forward to doing business in the years to come with AgQuest."
Submitted by Kyle from Kentucky


"AgQuest has been very convenient and very helpful sales staff are very available and willing to help. Very competitive  pricing. Thank You."
Submitted by Jeff from Illinois


"AgQuest has been very good for our operation. This is our first year with them and I am very pleased so far. We will use them next year."
Submitted from Minnesota


"The agent was very gracious and courteous. She was very quick to understand my needs. The paper work was easy to fill out and phone calls to me was very kind and showed good judgment and expertise! Thanks!"
Submitted by Norman from Tennessee


"My loan officer Rodney Balvitsch has given me outstanding service."
Submitted by Randal from Minnesota


"I was very pleased with AgQuest and how they handled the loan. They met our farm needs, were professional and courteous and helped us greatly. I would not be afraid to do business with them in the future."
Submitted by Tyler from Minnesota


"The staff at the Hopkinsville, KY location are great to deal with. They are very helpful and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure their customers are satisfied. Great, Great People!!
Submitted by Johnathan from Kentucky


"I am very satisfied with the employees and service I get."
Submitted by Roy from Minnesota


"AgQuest agents and store managers are up to date on weed and seed products, services and delivery times. Special efforts are provided for the farms of all sizes. It takes patience to work with many fields with small acreages. We appreciate the interest and patience given under these circumstances."
Submitted by Suzanne from Kentucky


"This is the second year I used AgQuest and it seems to work fine with my crop input needs in my farming operation. My BRM is very understanding and can relate well with farmers need and concerns. Thank you. "
Submitted by Allen from MN


"It gives me more flexibility, and I think it is great!"
Submitted by Tyler from MN


"It has been a pleasure doing business with AgQuest from the beginning. Thanks for your support and commitment to a quality product."
Submitted by Rolf from Indiana


"AgQuest is a great institution to work with. They really understand the importance of agriculture and are willing to help young producers in the field AgQuest is a team player and together... we will find the way!"
Submitted from Tennessee


"David Link and Sheri Bakker are a very important part of my operation. They are both well informed and give advice to the best of their ability."
Submitted by Kurt from Minnesota


"With Rodney, he is only a phone call away! He makes sure all my questions are answered before he leaves and I truly feel he is concerned about me and my family's best interest!"
Submitted by Gary from Minnesota


"Dan Valek and the office staff are very helpful with our crop input needs."
Submitted by Patrick from Minnesota


"I have been 100% satisfied with my service from loans, crop insurance, and the business we do with our local Harvest Land branch in Wabasso."
Submitted by Allan from Minnesota

"I have worked with the AgQuest team for a number of years. I have found that their willingness to help customers out with their needs are outstanding. It doesn't matter what the size of your operation is. They treat you like a person not just another account. The knowledge and information about different programs to help customers is beyond belief. Thank you again for all your help."
Submitted by Bob from Minnesota


"As an ag producer in a growth phase of the business cycle AgQuest understands and assists with credit services to help me achieve my goals."
Submitted by Tony from Minnesota


"One of the best lenders I've ever worked with."
Submitted by Michael from Kentucky


"AgQuest has in the past, the present and am very positive about the future, been very proactive about looking for my best interest. They understand my needs for my farming operation and have a lot of good ideas of keeping my operation solvent and being progressive. They are extremely careful when they talk to you about your financial needs. Their ultimate goal is for you to succeed and be prosperous."
Submitted by Richard from Minnesota


"With working with Rodney for 3 years my wife and I notice we are not just another number. We like how he always returns my phone calls and tells us he is happy and thankful to work with us. Thanks."
Submitted by Brian from Minnesota


"I enjoy working with AgQuest. The staff are professional and very helpful. They are very prompt and courteous with customer needs and generally seem to care for the well being of their clients. Keep up the good work!"
Submitted by Jon from Minnesota


"AgQuest has been providing great service and support in financing my crop inputs. The assistance in budgeting and cashflow has helped make my farm more profitable and competitive."
Submitted by Alex from Minnesota


"I have used AgQuest for may years. The service has been excellent always. It is very nice to do all of your business in one location."
Submitted by Darrell from Minnesota

"The expertise that Rod Balvitsch and AgQuest have given me has helped my farm to grow and increase profitability. Solid straight answers and a Can Do attitude."
Submitted by Bill from Minnesota

"We feel completely satisfied and enjoyed working with your staff members, we felt they were knowledgeable and very helpful."
Submitted by Dennis from Minnesota


"AgQuest enables me to use cash on had for maintenance, equipment needs also property repair. It lets us make payment through the year or at the end when crop are being harvested. Takes a lot of stress out of farming."
Submitted by Ken from Tennessee


"AgQuest has been very helpful with any and all questions I have. They have been willing to go the extra mile and be courteous with me when there were any problems that came up with my account."
Submitted by Bradford from Kentucky


"AgQuest has been great to work with.They see and understands the needs we have in our operations. Have worked with Paul through Northland with great comments for him as well. Very nice to work with people who understand the financial needs of an operation."
Submitted by George from Tennessee


"AgQuest is simple to use and very understanding of a farmers needs. AgQuest helps me control inputs while making it easy to obtain them."
Submitted by Wesley from Kentucky


"Good financing when you need it. Competitive rates. Good people to work with (Mark Karlsrud), friendly people."
Submitted by Randy from MN


"The staff and management of the local Hopkinsville office are very friendly and professional. I would recommend them to others for their services."
Submitted by Fred from Kentucky


"Whenever we have questions or concerns, we have always felt like we could call, and our issues would be addressed right away. We have been very pleased with the customer service provided to us, and would recommend to others."
Submitted by Jerri from Kentucky


"Over the last couple of years I have used AgQuest it has become a very useful tool to keep my farming flowing, and on a profitable path."
Submitted by Kim from Iowa


"Please keep up the high level of service with great staff and always meeting the farmers needs, even at short notice and difficult times!"
Submitted by Ryan from Minnesota


"I felt I was treated fair and had a great dealing with Dan. Very pleasant man. Thank you!"
Submitted by Dale from Minnesota


"This service is a huge benefit to my operation. I am a young farmer trying to get started and your service makes it easier for me. Thanks!"
Submitted by Jake from Tennessee


"AgQuest has been a great company to deal with. No hassle, low interest financing!"
Submitted by Jonathan from Indiana


"When we were realigning our farm, AgQuest was the first to say 'Yes' we can loan you that. AgQuest was very beneficial to our operation so we could continue to operate until all the paperwork (corporate) was finished."
Anonymous from Kentucky


"AgQuest has been very easy to work with over the years. It allows me flexibility in my input purchases and gives me opportunities to get best prices and discounts."
Submitted by Jeff from Minnesota

"I work with Jeremy Stull, recently he needed paperwork signed. When he came through my area, I happened to be harvesting soybeans. He called and wanted to meet with me, I was reluctant to stop harvest, as mother nature has me behind schedule. No problem Jeremy says, give me your location and I will come to you. Jeremy found me in a secluded river bottoms, he jumped in combine with me and completed our business without missing a beat with my soybean harvest. Many thanks!"
Submitted by Randy


"Great Company! Easy to deal with. Very helpful with any and all questions. Make helpful recommendations. Just an overall GREAT company. Big or small they will help! Thanks."
Submitted by Wesley from Kentucky


"AgQuest helped our farm operation and was simple to understand. My supplier answered all questions easily. Thank you for this service."
Submitted by Katie from Kentucky


"I met Vince 6 years ago for crop ins needs. 2 years later I got an equipment loan then an operating loan and within the next 2 months we will be closing on a real estate loan. I am very impressed with Vince's friendliness and willingness to make our schedules work. He is very knowledgeable about AgQuest's products and how they best fit my operation."
Submitted by David from Minnesota


"Jerry has been outstanding to work with. He understands our financial needs, and is fast reliable!"
Submitted by Tracy from Tennessee


"AgQuest has helped me grow and develop as a young farmer. It has been greatly helpful over the years."
Submitted by Kirby from Kentucky


"Because of AgQuest, we have been able to grow and develop into a larger enterprise. The people are helpful and easy to work with."
Submitted by Kevin from Kentucky


"AgQuest is a very good company to work with, myself I deal with Mike Evans and he gives us his best all the time. Very professional and fun to be around at the same time. I would for sure recommend AgQuest to anyone who is thinking about it."
Submitted by Zach from MN


"I have been very pleased with AgQuest and their representatives. Their services have been very convenient and the paper work has been timely and correct."
Submitted from David from Kentucky


"Our farming operation plus full time jobs make "time" a large consideration when we need to finance our coming year crops. The AgQuest representative we work with evaluates needs through the year by staying in touch with calls and visits. He encourages us to complete the loan application long before harvest begins and stress overwhelms us. Thanks Shane Mays and AgQuest Staff!"
Submitted by David from Kentucky


"AgQuest does a great job in serving the needs of its  customers."
Submitted by Billy from Kentucky


"Working with AgQuest has been easy, and their staff makes everything as simple as possible."
Submitted by Ben from Kentucky


"I have used AgQuest for more than 10 years and really like that they know my operation and respect my knowledge, and the rates that they offer are highly competitive in the market. I will and have recommended them to many people."
Submitted by Michael from MN


"Your system comes in very handy to buy seed and fertilizer."
Submitted by Kentucky


"I've been working with AQuest for about 4 years now. I typically work with Dave Link. He is great to work with. He has your best interest in mind."
Submitted by Kyle from MN


"I enjoy doing business with AgQuest. They are professional, courteous, and prompt. Communication and convenience are paramount in today's business. AgQuest exhibits these attributes."
Submitted by Greg from MN


"Farming is a capital intensive business, and access to finding it is critical, especially for beginning farms. AgQuest understands the unique situation a beginning farm is in and has gone out of their way to help me get started."
Submitted by Brent from Minnesota


"AgQuest has been very good to me and my family over the years. I would like to Thank You all very much."
Submitted by Jack from Arkansas

"Very impressed with how accommodating the AgQuest team was, right from the very first intro. They not only promote their financial products but also promote the coop!"
Submitted by Bryan from Minnesota


"My husband and I used AgQuest in conjunction with our fertilizer / chemical provider - a local, personal company. It was great that AgQuest worked with them. Benefits to all - great interest rates."
Submitted by Debbie from Indiana


"They have an amazing staff! They are willing to help with any and all of our needs! They understand the farm operation and are very wonderful to work with!"
Submitted by Brent from Minnesota


"AgQuest was willing to work with us when things were really tough. We have been with them ever since and we are very satisfied."
Submitted by Dannie from Minnesota


"AgQuest is working for me. AgQuest is more in touch with my needs than farm lenders I've had in the past. I like the way AgQuest ties my operating loan to a specific year rather than rolling the same loan over year after year. They always make sure I have my operating credit ready when I need it. Thanks AgQuest."
Submitted by Joel from Minnesota


"AgQuest service has been great, Vince is always able to answer our questions and his follow-through is the best! Thanks for helping us grow!!"
Submitted by Nick from Minnesota


"I have worked with Jeff Van Gundy for the past 3 years and I feel he has brought my business to the next level. Jeff and the rest of the AgQuest staff are very easy to work with and understand the Ag world very well, I look forward to working with them for many years."
Anonymous from Iowa


"The people I work with are very helpful, good at knowing answers to questions I have, and advice."
Submitted by Larry from Minnesota


"We were apprehensive at first but decided to give it a try. Good decision. The people Jeff and I worked with have been fantastic. It seems to go very smooth on most all transactions and all is well understood before finalized. We will continue to use AgQuest as it has been good to with our farm program."
Submitted by Debbie from Kentucky


"AgQuest is a good business to work with. Shane Mays does a real good job at handling things."
Submitted by Chad from Kentucky


"For a young farmer AgQuest has made the financing of our inputs much easier than dealing with the bank."
Submitted by Clay from Kentucky


"AgQuest is strictly an ag lender, your staff understands and is very knowledgeable of production agriculture. Brandon Garnett is excellent to work with and thoroughly understands the ins and outs of farming. It has been a pleasure working with AgQuest's staff."
Submitted by George from Tennessee


"For me, Rodney Balvitsch is AgQuest! He answers my questions. He comes to see me ASAP. He doesn't bother me when I'm busy. He treats Wendy & I with respect. He is my kind of banker!!!"
Submitted by Gary from Minnesota


"Thanks to AgQuest and Security Seed & Chemical I am able o get the products I need when I need them and stay working in the field to get my job done. AgQuest makes me money by being able to purchase when inputs are at the best price not when I have money."
Submitted by Brian Brown from Illinois


"Usually I have enough old crop to sell to take care of my spring needs. But this year I had an emergency surgery and have been laid up for 12 weeks in the hospital. I had to use a lot of my own money to take care what the insurance won't cover. I called Central Valley at Owatonna, MN and talked with Jim Wyffels who takes care of my crop needs - chemical spraying, etc and about some financing with AgQuest. He referred me to Rodney Balvitsch, Rodney came out to my home and we talked things over about my needs and did the paper work. When he left he said he would get back to me in a day or two. When he called me back in a couple of days he said he would stop by, the final paper work was done. All I had to do was sign and I would be all set to go for spring. Great Service."
Submitted by Marlin from Minnesota


"I found AgQuest to be very quick and understanding of my crop input needs. I have known some of the employees for many years, so that makes things at the Santiago plant easier, with help with AgQuest."
Thank you Murel Lezer from Minnesota


"Jerry Gilliam was very helpful in getting our application processed. he was willing to answer any questions and offered any help we needed. This is our first year to use AgQuest Financial but look forward to using you again in years to come. Thank you for helping us get our 2014 Crop in the ground."
Submitted by Stoney from Alabama


"Very convenient, works well with my supplier and the people are great to work with."
Submitted by Michael from Kentucky

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