What you need to know about Crop Insurance for the Harvest Season

Call your AgQuest agent BEFORE you chop corn for silage or destroy any crops.  This appraisal will be crucial in the event you have a claim this fall.

OLD FARM STORED GRAIN – Call us immediately if you intend to store any old crop (’15 & older) into 2016 harvest.  Those bushels need to be verified prior to harvest in the event of a claim.

NOTICE OF BUSHEL LOSS RMA requires a NOTICE OF LOSS be turned in within 72 hours of completion of harvesting.  PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL HARVEST IS COMPLETE; you run the risk of forgetting.  Turn in the potential loss ASAP.              

REVENUE LOSSES – SPRING PRICES – CORN – $3.86 / SOYBEANS – $8.85 / WHEAT – $5.13 – Harvest Price $5.04

If you have a revenue policy (RP) on corn or soybeans; the fall price will be determined in the month of October based on Dec. corn and Nov. soybean futures.

For more information or to contact your AgQuest Crop Insurance Specialist call 866-259-3666 or click here to find your local agent.


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