Understanding Your Risks in Operating a Drone

AgQuest/MN River Insurance agent Tim Lewis attended the IRMI Emmett J Vaughan Agribusiness Conference in Des Moines, Iowa last fall. The IRMI conference helps our agents gain a deeper understanding of topics that are impactful in the farming industry so they can bring that knowledge back to our customers. It is also one of the ways that Tim and Amber Weber keep up their AFIS designation.

One of the many sessions that Tim attended at the conference addressed the use of drone technology in farming operations and how risks concerning cyber security and liability can be managed and insured. According to a survey last April, which polled 269 U.S. farmers, three out of four farmers are currently using or considering adopting drone technology on their farm. Drones offer farmers a cost effective and efficient way to monitor and manage crops, livestock and soil conditions. However, there are risks involved with their use, including privacy issues, cyber security with data that is captured and transferred and the potential for damaging property or causing bodily injury. With that said, do you know if your insurance policy covers these risks? Even though you may not be operating the drone for commercial use on your farm, traditional insurance policies may not offer the protection you need if an event does occur.

It’s important that you contact your insurance agent immediately when purchasing a drone to ensure that your policy protects you against possible claims as a result of its usage. AgQuest/MN River Insurance agents, Tim Lewis, Amber Weber and Tom Rekstein can help you sort through your current insurance coverage and ensure you are protected from the risks associated with operating your drone. You don’t want to go unprotected; contact any one of our Property & Casualty Insurance Specialists for more information.  They have the knowledge and experience to get you covered.


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Source: https://unmanned-aerial.com