Storm Season is Here

Don’t keep yourself up at night worrying about possible storms and hail damage that may occur now and through the summer months. Call your local AgQuest Insurance agent for production hail and wind coverage available to you and what options are best for your farm operation. Sales closing to sign up for production hail or wind coverage is June 1st. Standalone hail can be added at any time prior to a hail event.  Contact us today for more information 866-259-3666.


Final Planting Dates:
May 31st               Corn
June 10th (MN)  Soybeans
June 15th (IA)     Soybeans


Acreage Reporting:
Provide a copy of your FSA Acreage Summary to your Insurance Agent for accurate reporting of acres.

– Report all Insurable Planted Acres
– Report Unplanted Acres (prevented plant – call us ASAP)
– Report Uninsurable Acres
– Report Original Plant Date for Replanted Acres

Report your 2017 planted Acres to your AgQuest Insurance agent and FSA Office.


AgQuest Insurance Agency is an equal opportunity provider.