Protecting Yourself – Financing Options

In the good times, we often forget about our financing options.  Consumers tend to simply settle. We might not strive to get that lower interest rate or to visit with our Accountant regularly to structure our finances that are most beneficial to us.  To put it simply, we forget to take advantage of a healthy market.
But when the tough times come around, everyone feels the stress.  We want lower interest rates with lower payments; our Financial Statements don’t seem quite up to par while our taxes are too high because we didn’t bother visiting with our accountant.
At AgQuest, we don’t offer to just settle.  We want to help our customers grow their business. That’s why we have our Business Relationship Manager’s at the producer’s disposal.  They help plan during the good times for the bad times.
What are AgQuest’s recommendations?  Go see your Business Relationship Manager.  He will help you plan your financing.  Go see your Accountant and not just during Tax time.  By visiting with your Accountant regularly, you can be assured your Tax Returns and Financial Statements are in your best interest.  By ensuring your Tax Returns and Financials are set up correctly, the Business Relationship Manager’s will be able to give you the best financing options possible.  After all, with the market forces and cycles constantly changing with the volatile market, you need to have finance stability.  Whether we are in good times or bad, together “we find the way.”
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