Prevented Planting Cover Crop Relief Announced

The USDA made an announcement that may impact you, Click Here to view the USDA release.

  • It pertains to your ability to now hay or graze cover crops on Prevented Plant acres as of September 1 as compared to the previous date of November 1.
  • Another exception granted with today’s announcement is the insureds ability to now chop for silage, the cover crop. This was previously a prohibited practice on any Prevent Plant acres, even if it occurred after the Nov 1 date.
  • Under no circumstances can you sell the cover crop. Allowing it to be hayed, grazed or in this case even chopped is ONLY intended for the benefit of the insured’s animals.
  • Please note that the cover crop cannot be planted until AFTER the Late Planting Period ends (June 26th for corn & July 5th for soybeans.)

Remember, this is an exception to policy and only applies to the 2019 crop year.

For information regarding financial assistance regarding the cost of establishing the cover crops Click Here to view the News Release  – contact your local NRCS office for more information.

Contact your local Crop Insurance Specialist with any questions you may or for more information!


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