Did You Know

Did you know…
1) When should you give your Social Security Number?
i.  Always give your Social Security Number personally.  Never give your SS out on the internet or on the phone.
ii.  A financial institution should never ask for your SS on the phone.  They should only need to verify what your SS number is.

2) Flatbush National Bank of Brooklyn, New York was the first bank to issue a credit card in 1946. (Courtesy of Bargaineering)

3)  The first bank to be managed entirely by women? First Woman’s Bank of Tennessee, founded in 1919.  Unfortunately, its founder, Brenda Vineyard Runyon, was unable to secure a successor after her health began to fail and it was eventually absorbed by First Trust and Savings Bank of Clarksville in 1926. (Courtesy of Bargaineering)

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