Preparation Will Make Claim Process Easier

As we prepare for the harvest, there are a few things to keep in mind. Before chopping for silage or the destroying of any crop, it is imperative to contact your AgQuest agent. Those fields need to be appraised or released before the crop is put to another use. If you believe you will have a production loss as you are checking your fields, please call us at that time. We will set up a claim to follow notice of loss procedures. Old crop grain must be measured prior to new crop storage. The moisture-short 2012 season raises the possibility of a $200,000 claim. Any time there is a $200,000 claim, the system will trigger an APH review, which is a review and verification of your actual historical production. Once you have had a $200,000 claim and your APH has been verified, that information will be maintained and you will not be required to submit it again. Keep production separate by unit, and/or by field if possible. Permissible methods of keeping production separate include:

• Printable combine monitor records along with total accountable production.

• Settlement sheets of proof of sale receipts.

• Appraisals performed by an adjuster

• Marking a bin by unit number.

• Weighing production with a certified scale.

• Recorded weights from a grain cart with an integrated scale.

• An accurate count of wagons, trucks, or combine hoppers.

• Acceptable feed records.


Record retention

You are required to retain your harvested production records for three years. If you are in the 2012 crop year, then records from 2011, 2010, and 2009 would be required. Records to retain could include, but are not limited to:

• Settlement sheets or other acceptable proofs of final crop. It is recommended that you label each load with the unit it was harvested from.

• Appraisals.

• Bin measurements by a claims adjuster or FSA representative.


Please make sure that your crop insurance payments are received by, or are clearly postmarked on or before, 10/31/12. If this does not happen, then interest must be charged from the original due date or from 9/1/12, depending on the policy. The RMA rule applies only to this year, so the dates will change for 2013.


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