Preparation Will Make Claim Process Easier

Acreage reporting is wrapping up and harvest time will be here before we know it.  There are a few key reminders as we approach harvest season.   In ANY of these instances, it is an absolute MUST that you contact us sooner than later:

1)      Chopping corn silage? Unsure, notify us prior to chopping;
2)      Destroying any portion of a crop;
3)      Might have a production loss? If lower New crop prices continue, even a yield above your bushel guarantee might trigger a claim. Let’s talk;
4)      A combination of lower yields and/or prices raise the possibility of your claim being greater than $200,000, by crop, by county.  When this occurs, it triggers a gov’t mandated full review and verification of your actual production history for the past 3 years. This must be completed before your claim will be paid;
5)      Commingled grain: Old crop grain MUST be measured, by an adjuster, prior to New crop storage;
6)      With any “second crop” beans planted after the “first crop” corn that was drowned out, assuming you left the beans “uninsured”, you must keep these bushels separate at harvest. I suggest storing them separate or hauling them to town via separate load(s), marking the tickets immediately as to their field origin, etc.

As a general reminder, to assist with your annual production reporting, claims, future reviews, etc., keep track of production by unit, and/or by field. Methods include: printable combine records; sale receipts/settlement sheets; appraisals performed by an adjuster; bins marked by field or section; certified scale weights; tally of wagons, trucks, or hoppers; feed records.

Please make sure that your crop insurance premiums are clearly postmarked on or before, 09/30/14. If this does not happen, interest will accrue each month premium is not paid.

Erratic weather can make for poor grain quality, if you suspect your crop has toxins, some very specific sampling regimes must be followed. Above all, when in doubt, give us a call. Have a safe harvest season.

Contact your local Insurance Agent with any questions.
At the Morgan, MN office call 866-259-666 or  email



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