New Insurance Products

Multiple Price Discovery (MPD)

An opportunity to potentially get a higher base price for your corn or soybean polices with Multiple Price Discovery. (MPD)

– With MPD, you can use the higher of the average price from December or January instead of February

– The maximum limits are $.50 on corn and $1.00 on Soybeans.

– Eligible on Enterprise units only.

– If the average price in February is higher, you still receive the highest average price from the three trading months.

– If the harvest price is higher than the MPD price, you can still account for that on your MPCI policy.


Corn growers in 2009 and 2010 could have improved their base price by thirty-two and thirty-six cents, with MPD.

For a 150 bushel guarantee, that figures about a $48-$54 additional protection per acre.


Sales closing for the MPD is January 1st!

Please contact your AgQuest Insurance Agent for eligibility and other qualifying details.


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