Multiple Price Discovery makes big changes for 2014!

NAU Country Insurance improved the 2014 MPD product which is an endorsement for your multi peril policy.

MPD allows producers to purchase extra discovery months to have a chance to improve revenue coverage for 2014.  Two options are available:

  • MPD5 5 months of discovery (November, December, January, February, March) sales closing Nov. 15
  • MPD4 4months of discovery ( December, January, February, March) Sales closing Dec. 15

Rates vary depending on aph and trended aph but usually is between .05-.07 a bushel for Corn and Soybeans.  This is very competitive when compared to the options market or other means of protecting revenue.

NAU Country Insurance has a very limited amount of premium / acres set aside for MPD and once that has been reached they will close the offering of this product.

If you have any interest in this product call us immediately and we will show you the details of this product and how this may work to protect revenue for your operation.

Lynn Button 952-240-1845 cell or Kathy Mainer 507-249-4015 office.


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