Harvest Land / AgQuest Day at Redwood County Fair – Friday, July 10th

arickbakerJoin us Friday, July 10th for Harvest Land / AgQuest Day at the Redwood County Fair, located at the Fair grounds in Redwood Falls, MN.

Stop by for fun tatoos and ballons for the kids.

This year we are very excited to bring Arick Baker, from the ABC show In An Instant to talk about his story about being Buried Alive!!! There will also be demonstrations with a Grain Bin Engulfment Simulator, which we also had at our Farm Safety day in June and was a huge hit and a great learning experience no matter what your age, it is amazing to see how it all works and how lives are saved.

Many people have been asking who is Arick Baker & why will he be at the Redwood County Fair?

For those who do not know Arick’s story, many of you know farmers have one of the most hazardous jobs in the country, in April, a national television show (ABC) brought that danger to life.

Here is a brief summary of what happened to him on June 26th, 2013 on his family farm. ABC show In An Instant shared the miracle story of a New Providence, Iowa, farmer who was buried alive with 18 inches of corn covering his head. During the episode Arick Baker, his family and the first responders retold the accounts of his rescue from an 80,000-bushel grain bin.

“At first it was a lot of panic,” Arick says. After five minutes of being trapped, though, he stopped panicking and began to notice that the more he moved, the further he sank. The bin was also stiflingly hot inside: 137°F.

Arick was rescued after being trapped for nearly 5 hours in the grain bin, he will be at the fair to share his personal story of what happened that day, and to not only educate the youth but also the adults.

If you click this link “Arick’s Story” , there is a short video at the bottom of the ABC show that featured his story

Or you can watch the full video here: In An Instant: Buried Alive

We hope you can join us to hear Arick’s story and ways to take steps to save your life if you found yourself in his situation.