Financing Options to Meet Your Needs in 2020

AgQuest understands the challenges of farming in today’s economic environment and the significance of having a financing program that can handle those challenges. Whether it’s a total operating loan, livestock or building loan, equipment loan or equipment leasing, AgQuest can provide the products and services you need to finance your operation.

Operating loan options
• Companion® Direct: A Companion Direct loan gives you a line of credit up to $250,000 that can be used to purchase products and services from your participating retailer. It has limited or no security required for eligible producers (if applicable, best lien position is taken) and it may offer an interest rate buy-down based at your retailer. The application process is simple, with minimal paperwork required and a quick decision time.
Secured Companion®: Secured Companion Loans are designed to create a dynamic link between agricultural producers and their locally-owned and managed grain and farm supply retailers. Companion is a traditional full-operating line of credit that rewards the patron/producer with competitive product costs and operating interest rates based on the customer’s volume of input purchases and the amount of crop marketed through the participating retailer. Revolving and second year loan options are available.
• Companion® Plus: We also offer a Companion® Plus operating loan. This no-fee product allows qualified producers to have continuous loan commitments in place for up to two crop years.  The program allows producers a low-cost source of funding to take advantage of prepaid purchases and optimal grain marketing opportunities.

Consider AgQuest for your next equipment loan
AgQuest equipment loans offers portable, flexible and cost competitive financing. With AgQuest, you have the flexibility to negotiate across brands and dealerships to obtain your best cash price and compare financing options whether the equipment is new or used. You are also able to take advantage of manufacturer cash discounts or refinance interest waiver contracts at the end of the waiver periods for significant savings. In many situations, significant interest rate savings are
possible by switching to AgQuest.

Investing in your future with land and facilities
Financing for your inputs and equipment is just part of the story. AgQuest can also help you purchase land for the family farm and generations to come. Real Estate loans are long-term loans collateralized by real estate, which generally includes unimproved farm ground and traditional farm sites. Real Estate loans originated under this program are term loans with maturities and amortizations up to thirty years.

When it’s time to expand your operation, or upgrade and improve livestock facilities, AgQuest also offers facility loans. Facility loans are secured with real estate that is improved with a livestock facility, such as swine finishing barns.

Lease options can be an advantage to your operation
AgQuest offers equipment and machinery lease financing options through our partner, Northland Capital. Leasing can put equipment and machinery to work for you with real cash flow advantages without using major capital investments. For many farms, equipment purchases are one of the largest production expenses and lease financing can be a positive alternative. Lease financing includes a balanced approach to tax management options and deductions relative to a loan.
Advantages of leasing:
• Lower up-front costs—requiring no additional collateral
• Flexible fixed payments that match the cost of the equipment to the revenue it generates—matching your cash flow cycle
• Preserves existing operating lines of credit—protecting your borrowing power for other operational needs
• Leasing keeps equipment—and debt— off your balance sheet
• Fast, convenient source of additional capital—keeping your cash for future needs, unexpected expenses or working capital

For more information and options that fit your farm operation contact your AgQuest BRM at local retailer.