Empowering a Connected Community of Advocates

In 1790, farmers were 90% of the labor force.  By 1890, farmers were 43% of the labor force. In 1990, farmers were down to 2.6% of the labor force. (Growing A Nation: The Story of American Agriculture).  With the labor force of farmers dwindling down, Americans are becoming more and more detached from their food source.   The media has been in charge of bridging this gap and providing the agricultural news to the public.  However, with the way the media reports the news, perceptions can be developed and instilled into the minds of its viewers which can lead to significant consequences.

The ugly perceptions and images have given the American farmer a bad rap with little to go on. Instead, farmers are usually reacting instead of pro-acting. So why don’t we be proactive and tell our side of the story? Why not let the public hear it straight from the source rather than getting mudded by the middle man reporter?  The AgChat Foundation is doing just that.  “The AgChat Foundation is designed to help those who produce food, fuel, fiber and feed tell agriculture’s story from their point of view.” (AgChat Foundation)

Together, we’ll find the way to tell our side of the story!



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