Did You Know…..

1)     California is the leading agricultural state with up to 1 million farmers, farm family members and farm workers in the state. (Courtesy of The Regents of the University of California, http://agcenter.ucdavis.edu/AgDoc/Didyouknow.php)

2)     The first bank Jesse James’ robbed was the Clay County Savings Association in the town of Liberty, it was the first armed robbery of a US bank after the Civil War. (Courtesy of Bargaineering – http://www.bargaineering.com/articles/50-fun-facts-about-banks.html)

3)     The livestock population in the U.S. outweighs the U.S. human population by more than 4 times.  The U.S. livestock produce nearly 1 billion tons of manure for disposal each year.  About 20 billion pounds of fertilizer are applied to U.S. agriculture. (Courtesy of KARINYA, http://www.karinya.com/seeds1.htm)


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