Define News

With today’s technology, everyone is in the “know” realm. We have Facebook and Twitter accounts keeping us updated on friends and family, podcasts streaming directly on your phone to update us on the newest news, text updates of what the commodity markets are doing.  When we turn on our TV to any one of the parent telecast news companies, we have one like streaming the latest sports updates, the line above stating what the DOW is reading and which of the big name stock companies is on the rise or downfall, and a news anchor reporting the latest news.

But what really makes a story newsworthy? If you Google “define: news”, top definitions include “1. Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events. 3. Information not previously known to someone.” The media is constantly looking for the newest arising conflict, disaster, and human interest. Many times, agriculture is in the news whether we recognize it can be another question. For example, HSUS provides advertisements of the abuse of animals.  Americans then start to believe that this is how all animals are treated across the U.S. creating human interest and conflict against the people who are providing America with food.  Another recent example, recent reports have stated that approximately 25% of meat inspected at 5 grocery stores contained flesh eating bacteria that are resistant to medication.  Later the story was amended because this bacterium is killed when the meat is cooked according to its label directions.

With the news media on the constant look-out for newest and best stories, the gossip can over-take the facts. Together, let’s find the way to keep “advocating” for agriculture with the facts.

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