Crop Insurance That’s Right For You

AgQuest Insurance provides the risk management protection in crop insurance, available for each producers farming operation.

YP (Yield Protection)

  • Replaces APH and provides protection against production loss.
  • Available only for crops which RP is available. It has yield guarantee (bushels, pounds, etc.).
    Coverage levels are 50% to 75% (80%-85% where applicable).
  • Replant and prevent plant coverage.

GRP, GRIP (Group Risk Plan)

  • County-based coverage.
  • Covers widespread losses.
  • 90% coverage available.

Named Peril Products (Hail, Wind, Greensnap) are recommended as either supplements to your MPCI or Crop Hail policies.

Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) crop insurance provides producers with protection against low revenue from natural causes and market fluctuations.

FREE Mapping – AgQuest Insurance Agency maps every acre we insure. We believe in accuracy of precision farming and are building a database for the producers to use in the future. With the insured’s permission we begin mapping at the time of your crop insurance application. Precision Farming integrating GPS technology with the planter monitor, combine monitor and yield mapping software assist in simplifying crop insurance claims.

For more information contact one of our Crop Insurance Specialists or Business Relationship Managers at your local Retailer.

AgQuest Insurance Agency is an Equal Opportunity Provider.



AgQuest offers “one-stop shopping” for all of your agricultural finance and insurance needs, including operating loans, real estate loans, machinery & equipment loans and leasing, a full line of ag insurance options such as crop insurance, precision farming and Livestock Gross Margin Insurance.