2020 Farm Bill Decisions Meetings held in MN

AgQuest Insurance is excited to be bringing Art Barnaby back to MN! Art Barnaby, Emeritus Professor, is now retired. However, he continues to provided educational programs on crop insurance, government commodity programs, and risk management throughout Kansas and the nation, via his consulting firm. His work emphasizes the development of alternative public policies for crop disaster protection. For example, he developed the Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC), which has been renamed Revenue Protection (RP). RP is currently providing nearly $85 billion of coverage for America’s farmers. Other research explores the impact of government commodity programs.

Art will be presenting in MN  to help with our 2020 Farm Bill Decision Meetings held February 11th & February 12th.

Topics covered:
* Review of ARC and PLC farm bill program. 
* What to look at and keep an eye on for making program choice March 15th.
* Crop Insurance update and price product offerings for 2020.

Tuesday, February 11th
– 9-11am Springfield Community Center, 33 S Cass Ave, Springfield, MN
– 2-4pm Max’s Grill, 7425 W Lincoln Avenue, Olivia, MN

Wednesday, February 12th
– 9-11am UFC Berdan Center, 705 E 4th Street, Winthrop, MN
Centra Sota
– 2-4pm Jim & Jack’s, 1102 Duelm Road NE, Foley, MN

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