2014 Farm Bill Seminar

The 2014 Farm Bill has a lot of us wanting to pull our hair out!! This week AgQuest Insurance sponsored a seminar by Art Barnaby, Professor at Kansas State University to help us better understand what is right for each of us. If you missed one of the seminars don’t worry – we have them available for you to watch online – it is a three part segment (it was roughly 2 hours).
Click here to watch the three part seminar.

Here is the power point that was handed out at the meeting: 2014-01 Art Barnaby Farm Bill

Ag Manager is a helpful website to keep up to date on the Farm Bill: http://www.agmanager.info/

If you have any questions or concerns contacting your local agent or our home office at AQInsurance@agquest.net or 866-259-3666.


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